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From Stress to Resilience

From Stress to Resilience

Perhaps the most unique e-course in our library of courses.

There are two versions of this course. The sign-in page gives managers and employees a choice of two courses, one for managers and one for employees. The two versions are identical with one exception. The course for employees has four modules, and the version for managers has five, with the last module focusing on helping managers to create a less stressful but more effective workplace.

The course has several videos and relaxation exercises, and offers an enormous range of positive steps that can be taken to reduce or alleviate stress.”

It begins by drawing a picture of a truly resilient person. That’s followed by a self-assessment that allows users to see where they fit on the scale. Whatever the cause or the level of stress, the course helps participants clarify what can be done to reduce or eliminate it.

Module I. Building resources

This first module suggests new skills and new behaviors, and helps the user build a realistic action plan. The sections: Bouncing back, How resilient are you?, Benefits of resilience, An action plan, Developing a good relationship with yourself, and Creating healthy relationships.

Module II. Recognizing stress

This module takes a deeper look at the physical reactions to stress, and offers several suggestions for reducing and managing those reactions. Participants will discover the physical and emotional impact stress has on our bodies, minds and behavior. They’ll understand how the long-term responses to stress can affect our ability to be resilient, and see that stress is mostly caused by our own beliefs and perceptions. And they’ll have an opportunity to examine the current sources of stress in their lives.

Module III. Changing your response

In the third module, participants practice altering their thought processes, changing pessimism to optimism and seeing challenges as puzzles to be solved. A series of questions help them work through challenging situations. The sections: Changing a robust mindset, Preparing for challenges, Practice makes perfect and Dealing with a crisis.

Module IV. Recovering from stress

And the fourth module helps rebuild those stress-fighting resources that may have been lost over the years. The sections: Rebuilding your resources; Making changes; Growth opportunities; Mind over matter; and Beginning a lifelong journey.

Module V. Resilience skills for managers

The fifth module is for managers only. It helps them to understand the costs of stress, what contributes to a worker’s sense of stress, what a resilient team looks like and how to build it. The sections: Stress and our workers; The resilient workplace; and The resilient team.

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