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Work-Life Survey

How does your company score in work-life? take this poll and see how it stacks up against our other users. You must take the poll to see the results. Please answer all questions.

1. This company’s work-life policies are fair appropriate and sensitive. *


2. My co-workers are understanding when home life issues interfere with work. *


3. The company has given me all the help I need to handle my home life issues. *


4. The stress of dealing with home life issues often has a negative effect on my work. *


5. It is usually easy for me to manage the demands of both work and home life. *


6. My career path at this company is limited because of the pressures of home life demands. *


7. My career path at this company is limited because I am using or have used a flexible work option. *


8. I would ‘walk an extra mile’ for this company because of the way I am treated here. *


9. I believe my family would rather I worked for a different company. *


10. I am currently actively looking for another job. *


11. I would appreciate more flexibility in our workplace. *


12. I am successfully working a flexible schedule. *


13. I would describe myself as fully engaged in my work. *

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