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Managing the High Performance Workplace – An Online course for Managers

Managing the High Performance Workplace – An Online course for Managers

Who’s worried about performance? Obviously we all are. Excellent performance management can save both you and your employees time and energy.

This amazing four-module Web-based course is packed with tips and information, designed to help those who lead others transform their workplace to one where employees are positive about the job, feel fully valued and appreciated for their contributions. It focuses on the challenges that must be overcome before a high performance workplace is a reality, the steps that will lead to that reality, the mechanics and measurements that will help it succeed, and ways to measure success.

Managers will learn dozens of new techniques to help their staff benefit from specific, constructive feedback, stay informed about current and future performance objectives, stay motivated to do well and be fully involved as a participant in the process.

A self-assessment will help managers assess their own skills, and another will help them determine whether staff members are qualified for flexibility. The course will help them communicate powerfully, aiding their staff to plan ahead, meet their goals, and anticipate and fulfill their communication needs. They’ll learn ways to set goals with their staff, track their progress toward achieving those goals, and evaluate their performance. The course includes our ten “core competencies” – the skills that will help them manage by results, and work toward creating a workplace where people are encouraged to seek out new experiences and skills, and new ideas are welcomed.

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