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The Flexible Workplace – Online Courses for Managers and Employees

The Flexible Workplace – Online Courses for Managers and Employees

The Flexible Workplace

Two e-courses to keep employees productive, loyal, committed and engaged, and optimize their skills.

Help managers and staff work together to design a work environment that is both supportive and effective! Sharpen the skills that will make that workplace a reality. Individuals may register online for either of the following courses by going to our Online Store and choosing the appropriate courses from the sidebar on the left.

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A Guide for Managers

Manager training is key to culture change

More and more, employers are zeroing in on culture transformation as the key ingredient in a work-life effort. But culture change is daunting at best. While programs may help, it’s managers who really make the difference. A supportive manager, one who

  • displays respect for his or her employees
  • is sensitive, asks about an employee’s health and gives positive feedback
  • sets measurable goals and focuses on results

In a study by Canadian researcher Linda Duxbury, those workers with supportive managers reported significantly higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment (85% compared to 60% of those with non-supportive managers), were more satisfied with policies (85% vs. 45%), felt they had more job security (55% to 20%) and experienced less stress (30% vs. 60%).

WFC Resources’ e-course for managers, The Flexible Workplace: A Guide for Managers, is the perfect way to jump-start a culture change effort. In just two short hours, it will actually help them understand the kind of manager you want them to be, including specific behaviors. They’ll be clear about why this kind of manager is important to the organization’s survival. They’ll see if and how their management style will have to change, take a closer look at the challenges involved and practice different ways of solving them. And they’ll learn about seven flexible work arrangements and how each is best managed. You’re welcome to talk with us about this, our companion course for employees or our courses for managers and staff on telecommuting. Call 1-800-487-7898 or e-mail

The four-module e-training will give your managers . . .

• a clear picture of a flexible, supportive work environment
• the skills and qualities they need to transform your workplace
• an understanding of how business needs have changed
• practice in focusing on results
• familiarity with the flexible work arrangements

After completing this course, your managers will be ready to use flexibility
as a strategy to meet the dual agenda — the needs of both their employees
and the organization.

A Guide for Employees

Employees, too, have an important role to play and important responsibilities when flexibility is introduced. Among the many powerful skills this course will give them, your employees will learn how to . . .

• examine their own qualifications for working flexibly
• become familiar with the flexible work options
• learn when each might be appropriate
• prepare their proposal, considering business needs first
• discover the challenges presented by working a flexible work arrangement
• learn how to overcome them

One module of the course is completely devoted to remote work, and is filled with tips on planning the home office, keeping careers on track, setting priorities and staying in touch with the office.

A one-time licensing fee, based on number of participants, will place this course on your company’s Intranet, or on an external website available to selected participants or work groups.

For more information about purchasing this course, please contact Rachel Hastings at or on our toll-free number 1-800-487-7898.

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