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Onsite Training

Onsite Training

Classroom Training

Targeted at leaders, managers or employees, our dynamic and interactive customized sessions will help you create a flexible, supportive and effective workplace.

We’ll help your managers and staff:

  • Manage stress and build resiliency
  • Introduce flexibility successfully
  • Use flexibility to boost organizational performance
  • Build a successful telecommuting program
  • Transform your culture

We can provide seminars, retreats or focus groups. Click here for a list of some of our previous clients.

Classroom training materials:

Do you already have experienced and capable trainers? We can provide you with off-the-shelf or customized materials on Telework and the Virtual Workplace and Stress Management/Resiliency Building. The materials include:

  • PowerPoint slides – you can customize them
  • Participant manual with handouts and additional materials
  • Trainer’s manual with instructions and activities

This 90-minute workshop will teach managers some facts about teleworking, what makes remote workers successful and how to choose them, and the secrets of successful remote management. They’ll see the personal and business payoff for allowing telework, become familiar with the proposal process and know how and when to accept and decline a telecommuting proposal. They’ll be ready to

  • Communicate for results
  • Create a system for evaluating success
  • Have an action plan for handling challenges

In the first section, they’ll hear about the business case for offering telework options, and why studies everywhere agree that telecommuting is a win/win, increasing effectiveness, productivity and employee satisfaction. They’ll take a self-assessment that will help them understand the qualities that make a remote manager successful. In the second section they’ll learn the qualities to look for in a remote worker and become comfortable with the selection process. The third section gets to the heart of the matter, teaching managers how to make jobs measurable, communicate for results and resolve challenging issues. And finally they’ll work on goal-setting and evaluation.

Train remote workers

Remote workers who complete this course will also learn some facts about telecommuting, prepare themselves to be a remote worker and learn how to make their teleworking arrangement a success. They’ll examine their qualifications for telework, create a winning proposal and plan their home or remote office. They’ll get tips for keeping relationships intact, both at home and in the office, and for ensuring successful communication. And they’ll be presented with issues and challenges, and practice resolving them.

After completing this workshop, employees will be able to:

  • Examine their qualifications for telework
  • Create a winning proposal
  • Plan their home or remote office
  • Keep relationships intact, both at home and in the office
  • Ensure successful communication
  • Resolve issues and challenges

This course will help your teleworkers or potential teleworkers learn some facts about the telework option. They’ll take a self-assessment that will help them understand what it takes to be a successful teleworker, and what qualities, if any, they may have to work on strengthening. They’ll prepare a proposal and plan their home office, learn the best way to stay in touch with the office and begin to acknowledge the challenges that may arise. They’ll get tips for dealing with family, friends and neighbors, and with the temptations that working at home presents. They’ll practice setting priorities and work on scheduling and task allocation.

These courses are based on WFC Resources’ widely acclaimed e-courses, Managing Telecommuting Successfully: A Course for Managers and A Course for Employees.

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Other Titles and Topics:

  • The Business Case for Workplace Wellness
  • Organizational Wellness – Create a Healthy Culture to Back Your Wellness Efforts
  • Resilience Skills for Employees
  • Resilience Skills for Managers
  • The Power Professional – Increase your Workplace Effectiveness
  • Eliminating Gossip
  • Stress Awareness and Management
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Engagement – the Key to Customer Service
  • Professional Boundaries and Conduct
  • Dealing With People You Can’t Stand
  • Conflict Resolution – How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Getting Things Done – Shortcuts to Productivity
  • Helping Managers Succeed at Flexibility
  • Helping Managers Fall in Love with Flexibility
  • The Business Case for Work-Life
  • The Bottom Line Impact of Work-Life Programs and Practices
  • Successful Teleworking


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