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Strategy and Implementation Support

Strategy and Implementation Support

Each organization has its own unique needs, style and culture. Our 27 years of experience have taught us to listen carefully to your management and staff, search out best practices and work with you to determine how best to create the transformation you seek. Our model for fact-finding and needs assessment includes . . .


A WFC Resources study will include interviews with top management and human resource staff to learn more about their thoughts, opinions and concerns, and the interventions they believe would make the most difference.


We’ll study other similar organizations to learn about best practices and results.

Employee focus groups and needs assessments

What are employees saying about the organization? What do they really need in order to be committed, excited about your mission and engaged in the work? What stops them from maximizing their potential? Our unique experience will ensure that focus groups bring you the information that leads to effective action. Our Human Capital Survey has been tested and developed over the years with the help of a score of Fortune 500 companies. We also provide surveys to measure Employee Engagement, Dependent Care Needs and can create customized surveys and evaluations for relevant project steps.

Analysis and recommendations

We’ll work with you to analyze results, make recommendations, and provide you with a clear path for action and a strong business case. Then we’ll help you prepare your case to present to your executives.

Alignment of strategy

Once you’re ready to put your strategy in place, we’ll help you make sure it aligns with all the other necessary strategies, policies, procedures and resources within the organization for maximum success.

Developing and evaluating new programs and practices

Once recommendations have been accepted, we’ll help you set measurable goals, develop programs and put them into action.

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