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Our Solutions

Our e-course, “From Stress to Resilience” is carefully constructed to help participants do exactly that – become more resilient, effective and healthy. They’ll learn a host of ways to prevent the negative impact of stress before it occurs, including lifestyle changes, new ways of thinking and improved problem-solving. They’ll examine their own values, strengths and priorities, establish personally relevant goals for achieving more and learn how to put these new behaviors into practice.

The net outcome will be a more engaged, productive and healthy workforce and  workplace.

Discover the difference resiliency can make in your workforce

Individuals who take this course will learn to become . . .

  • More confident in their ability to care for themselves
  • More flexible in their coping skills
  • More productive at home and work

About the course, “From Stress to Resilience”

The course incorporates engaging visual elements, a variety of interactive exercises and a built-in evaluation tool to assess learning. It’s based on sound and effective psychological principles and strategies.

It guides participants as they move from “reacting to” stress to a new and powerful awareness of their own stress level and its impact on their health and productivity; the importance of interpretation and self-talk; the distinction between effective and ineffective coping, and practical ways to translate knowledge into action.

They’ll learn the 10 Key Resiliency Skills, and will take the Resilience Self-Assessment, 30 qualities that will help them determine their resilience level.

The course has five modules, several videos and relaxation exercises, and offers an enormous range of positive steps that can be taken to reduce or alleviate stress. It begins by drawing a picture of a truly resilient person. Then a self-assessment allows users to see where they fit on the scale. Whatever the cause or the level of stress, the course helps participants clarify what can be done to reduce or eliminate it.

The first module suggests new skills and new behaviors, and helps participants build a realistic action plan. The second takes a deeper look at the physical reactions to stress, and offers several suggestions for reducing and managing those reactions.

In the third module, participants practice altering their thought processes, changing pessimism to optimism and seeing challenges as puzzles to be solved. A series of questions helps them work through challenging situations. And the fourth module helps rebuild those stress-fighting resources that may have been lost over the years.

The fifth module is for managers, helping them to understand the costs of stress, what contributes to a worker’s sense of stress, what a resilient team looks like and how to build it.

A one-time licensing fee, based on number of participants, will place this course on your company’s Intranet, or on an external website available to selected participants or work groups.

For more information about purchasing this course for your organization, please contact  Susan Seitel, or
call 1-800 487-7898.

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